Give Some! Play Some!TM 
Visa Prepaid Gift Card 



Q. Where can I buy Lottery tickets?

A. Lottery tickets are available at over 1,100 locations, including many grocery, gas and convenience stores.


Q. How do I activate the Give Some, Play Some Virtual Visa Gift Card?

A. Visit and enter the Ticket Proxy Number and Ticket Security Code Number. Verify the Total Amount ($20.00 Guaranteed) match the information displayed at Enter your personal information – name, address, phone number and email address. Save and Print your Virtual Visa Gift Card Number, Expiration Date and CVV for your records. This information is needed to complete purchases.

Q. Why do I need to provide my personal information?

A. We request your name, address, and phone number as this will be your billing information when making purchases. Merchants will verify this information when making online and phone purchases. We request your email address so we can send you a welcome email and have a way to get you your lost or stolen card details.


Q. Where can I use my Virtual Visa Gift Card?

A. You can use your card to purchase goods and services online and over the phone everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

Q. How do I shop online using my card?

A. Shopping online is easy. Just follow these simple steps: (1) Select the items you want to buy;(2) Proceed to “check out”; (3) Select Visa as your payment option, (4) Enter your 16-digit card number, and the CVV (3-digit Security Code), and your expiration date;(5) Enter the billing address that you have associated with your card. That’s it. The merchant will process your transaction.

Q. When shopping online, can I split a payment between my card and a credit card?

A. Only if the online merchant permits “split” payments. Please note however, that most online stores only accept one credit card for payment. You will want to call the merchant to complete a split transaction.

Q. Can I spend more than my available balance?

A. No. You will not be able to spend more than your available balance. The merchant will decline your transaction.

Q. What if the amount of my purchase is more than my available balance?

A. In this case, your purchase will be declined.

Q. How do I view my Virtual Visa Gift Card activity online?

A. Viewing your card activity online is as simple as one, two, three:
1. Visit
2. Log into your account using your Card Number, CVV and Phone Number
3. Click the “Account Overview” Tab to view your card activity

Q. What should I do if I misplace my Virtual Visa Gift Card information?

A. Please go to our Lost Card page to reclaim your lost card.  If you report the lost or stolen card in a timely manner, you will not be responsible for any unauthorized charges per the Terms and Conditions. Please reach us at


Q. How do I know how much money I have on my Virtual Visa Gift Card?

A. You can check your available balance at, or by calling Customer Service.

Q. Can I have an account with a billing address outside the United States?

A. No, not at this time. All registered address must be a United States address.

Q. Do Virtual Visa Gift Cards funds expire?

A. No, funds do not expire.

Q. Are there usage fees or monthly fees?

A. There are no fees associated with using you gift card to make a purchase; however, cards that are inactive for more than 12 consecutive months will be charged a $2.95 per month inactivity fee.

Q. Can I order a physical card?

A. Not at this time. All purchase must be made online or over the phone.

Q. Does my card ever expire?

A. Yes. You can find the expiration date online, along with your Card Number and CVV.
If your card is about to expire, and is still active, you can obtain a new card (with an extended expiration period) by calling the Customer Service number.